Thursday, June 25, 2009

Cleaning up my mess

Tonight I resolve to get the clutter in my house cleaned up so I can start posting stuff on eBay again. I have been saying that, but I don't have to go anywhere this evening so I'm going to work on it.

That is, if my foot will let me. I have been battling plantar fasciatus in my right foot for six months, and this morning I took a walk. Now I'm hobbling again. So it's going to be to do a little at a time, as I can.

I'm tired of this! I love to walk, and I love to walk my dogs, and every time I try to do anything I end up barely able to walk for the next couple of days. So it's back to the ice, and continuing with my stretches. and I hope I can get through the evening.

The thing about this clutter is where it came from. I have three pieces of furniture that had been in someone else's house for a while, and when they came home they all had dry wood termites in them. I didn't know it for a while, so they were all full of stuff, and one is of considerable size.

I had to empty them all and my fiance Rick and my son Chris hauled them off to be fumigated. Now they're back and I need to put everything that was in them back in them. What a pain in the neck!

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