Saturday, August 8, 2009


Today I was out in my little cargo trailer moving some things around to make room for the shipping supplies that right now are stored in my son's car. There's a lady here in town who loves to recycle as much as I do, and she saves bubble wrap for me--the last time I went I took my son's car and I never unloaded it. Somehow I thought he might do it for me......

Nah. He's going to leave it there until I do it. LOL!

Anyway, my son had unloaded everything from the auction Tuesday night into my trailer for me so I expected those boxes to be in there.

What I didn't remember is that I've put half a dozen boxes of other collectibles in there too.

I guess I'd better get started putting stuff on line again!

However, I'm about to ditch eBay. They're making so many changes that are to the detriment of sellers that I'm just about done with them. They aren't worth the trouble.

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